How Many New Products Can You Spot?

Yasmine El-Mehairy

Hi there,

It's been a while since we wrote anything, I know. I'm sorry for that, but we've been busy cooking up a few good things.

You've probably seen the pics of our two newest collections; Tropical Vibes and Las Frutas. We've been posting about them on social media under the hashtags #TropicalVibes and #LasFrutas for a few weeks now.

We've also attended a very cool bazaar in the North Coast 2 weekends ago and had a blast. We've met face-to-fact some of our customers, heard the feedback and learnt a lot! Speaking of that, please don't hesitate to give us feedback, we really value it. That's a pic of us at the bazaar by the way.

coushies team at the summer shopping bazaar

Anyhow, so between the pic of the stunning summer house and the bazaar pic; how many new products can you spot? Well the answer is 5 new products in a number of variations. Let me walk you through them.

So first of all, we introduced huge floor cushions; they are 70 X 70 cm, and can also be used on big sofas. So far, we've just released them in the #TropicalVibes Collection but we're thinking we're gonna do more of them if you guys like them.

Then we also launched our wall art, you'll see them in the bazaar pic, there's the Las Frutas wall art and the Tropical Leaves wall art.

There's also a new range of table linenswhere we created placemats for Las Frutas and Tropical Vibes, as well as table runners and table cloth in Tropical Vibes. We can do a bit of customization when it comes to sizes of the runners and table clothes, so don't be shy and ask!

Anyway, I've taken a lot of your time. Be sure to browse around and make your orders. 

And I will be writing to you soon!



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