The Spring Blossom Collection

Yasmine El-Mehairy

First blog post.. yeaaaay! May it be the start of many many more!

I am so excited to share with you more about the gorgeous Spring Blossom collection.

Back in December, I contacted Tasneem El-Meshad to start working together on a limited edition collection. As you know, Tasneem is a great talent with a signature style on canvas and murals. The challenge was designing something specifically for cushions without loosing Tasneem’s unique style. The result was phenomenal!


I mentioned the words “limited edition”, what do we mean? Well, like art, the pieces are meant to be unique. To strike a balance between availing a commercial product and a unique art piece, we decided to produce the Coushies of this collection in a limited number of prints, namely 300 per design.

Accordingly, with each one of the designed coushies, you get a “Certificate of Authenticity”, which lists the Coushie name and it’s unique number. The Certificate must be signed and stamped by one of the Coushies founders to be considered valid.

So, not only are you buying a cushion, in the Spring Blossom collection, you get an authentic, unique, artist-designed piece of art for your home.

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