How come you don't ship in Egypt?

Well, for us, since we are based in Egypt, delivery has to, at least, be a special experience, not just a drop at your door. We're working on giving you a unique delivery experience, which could take a bit of time. Meanwhile, we partnered with some of the best online retailers and furniture stores to make it real special for you! See our list of retail partners here


Why do you sell the cushion cover only? Or why don't you ship the cushion pad?

We're glad you asked. Although we'd love to send you a Coushie that you can just throw on your sofa, we realized that shipping fees would be ridiculous. So for an inner pad that costs $5, we're taking something as ridiculous as $40 for the closest countries served by couriers. So, we're sure you can get a nice inner pad for just $5 at your nearest department store.

If you're curious to know more, let us walk you through the maths; courier companies, based out of Egypt, have two charging mechanisms; either by weight or by volumetric weight, whichever is higher! For a 18x18 inch cushion (that is 45x45 cm) that weights around 250 grams, the volumetric weight is 45 cm X45 cm X 12 cm / 5000 = 4.86, i.e. 5 kilograms. Ridiculous, right? We thought so, too!


How do I buy inner pads?

We've only tested our Coushies with soft polyester fiber inner pads, but we're sure feather and down pads will be just fine (if you're planning to splurge on those).

Most cushion manufacturers recommend inner pads one size bigger, if you're buying polyester fiber. However, because many of our coushies are hand embroidered, forcefully trying to fit a bigger size inner pad might cause slight damage. So we recommend to stick to same size inner pads as your cushion. As for feather and down cushions, everyone says same size works perfectly.


What if I can't find inner pads?

We use standard sizing for our cushions so you don't have to face that problem. However, if you can't find the size or can't be bothered, and still want our pads shipped, we're happy to, of course. Drop us a line at hello@coushies.com and we'll work out the details together.


Why are Coushies "dry clean only"?

Good question! Let's think about the alternatives: machine wash or hand wash, right? Machine wash might result in the beads and embroidery running loose or being torn out. While hand wash,  might misshape the fabric so the dimensions of the our beloved Coushie will be uneven due to the loss of  "stretch" in the material.  We think this would make you sad and will definitely break our hearts, who wants that to happen!?


Do you display at retailers?

Yes we do and we'd love to partner with more retailers around the world. If you are a retailer and want to carry our brand, get in touch with us via hello@coushies.com and we're sure we can find a way to work together.


What if I have other questions, suggestions or ideas?

Get in touch! What are you waiting for?! We're always happy to hear from you; either through the contact us page or through our email hello@coushies.com